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Politics For All

April 27, 2010

Politics For All
Lets look at the people.

Take the Prime Minister.
In reality Gordon Brown is a Fabian socialist come communist, who was assisted into politics by the Scottish Communist party.
As Paul Routeledge, his astute political biographer states…….”The crafty – ruthless, even – campaign to secure the safe seat of Dunfermline East for Gordon Brown may appear unsavoury at this distance……..that the Communist Party was closely involved in this [election] process, ostensibly at arm’s length, but in reality at the heart of the wheeler-dealing, was also accepted.
Next David Miliband
stands poised in the wings – the brighter of two young communist educated MPs in Brown’s cabinet, and fresh from his earlier ‘fling’ with Ruth Kelly. But the Miliband communist and marxist roots have recently been laid bare. The grandfather Samuel served in the Soviet Army, whilst their father Ralph moved to the safety of Britain. In true communist style he then attacked the political democracy of the UK – the very country providing him and his family with safety. He later become a leading name in the Marxist movement.
He even had the society status and contacts to be buried in Highgate cemetary close to Karl Marx.
Other New Labour communist linked MPs include Straw, Hain, Blunkett, Reid, Hodge, Milburn, Mandelson, Charles Clarke and of course….

Tony Blair
Son of barrister Leo Blair who worked as a copy boy on the communist Daily Worker and was secretary of the Scottish Young Communist league 1938 – 1941.
Blair we should also remember assisted the formation of the marxist Demos think-tank, which in turn helped form the new labour project.

Should we trust these people? Only as a rabbit trusts a weasel.

After the ‘reds’ and in the blue corner we have…
David Cameron,
an Eton educated man, now the leader of the Tories.
Cameron has a whole string of donors, and they have access to big money as earlier press reports have already revealed. Just don’t mention the helicopter rides.
A major donor has been magnate Lord Steinberg, who has donated £530,000, plus a loan of £250,000.
Hedge-fund owner Stanley Fink donated £103,000,
Philanthropist Dame Vivien Duffield a further £250,000.
Cameron’s Astor family supporters bring with them the historic family connections to the socialist Cliveden Set, British fascist (Sir) Oswald Mosely and nazi Third Reich official Von Ribbentrop.
Dig into the mire, and rather strangely, we find Cameron connected to a range of socialist organisations.
These include Common Purpose and the Young Foundation.
The connection between the two is ex Demos Geoff Mulgan, who operated Demos as a pro-labour think tank for the benefit of Tony Blair.
Mulgan also directs the Young Foundation and is an old Demos friend of the Chief Executive of Common Purpose, Julia Middleton. Just how is it that a right wing conservative like Cameron can mix with socialist elitest think tanks?
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne
has been working with Demos over the past 6 months on a series of seminars on the ‘post-bureaucratic age’.
How can the Tories be working with a pro-labour think tank established and supported by Blair? Collusion?
Next comes
Nick Clegg
the Lib Dems are really an offshoot of the Conservatives. It can be no coincidence that their leader looks and acts like a Cameron nee Blair clone. He also has the elite high society connections. Son of a half Russian banker father, his aristocratic grandmother fled St Petersburg after the Tsar was toppled. Did they know the Milibands?
Clegg has been a political consultant and adviser to top Tory Sir Leon Brittan, 1996-9, as well as being a product of pro-EU training at the College of Europe Bruges 1991-1992 and as a European Commission official 1994-6. He now has the added benefit of his Spanish wife’s experience of working in Brussels with arch Tory Chris Patten, then a European Commissioner, and his successor Ferrero Waldner.
What a tangled web.


Angry Film Maker Thrown out of BBC’s Question Time

April 27, 2010

“Angry documentary filmmaker Bill Maloney was thrown out of the Leader’s Debate Question Time Special Audience for speaking about Institutional child abuse, the restraining techniques used in YOIs and government paedophile rings.

Just moments before Question Time went live David Dimbleby introduced the panel asking each of them what they would be doing the next day. Michael Gove (Shadow Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families) said it was his wife’s birthday and Dimbleby asked if he had bought her a present to which he replied, “I actually bought her four presents”.

Asked what the presents were Gove replied “A linen suit, a designer hand bag and two other presents that I’m not prepared to divulge”. Maloney shouted “Did we pay for them Mr Gove?” which raised a laugh from the panel and audience. Dimbleby concluded with Nigel Farage MEP of UKIP who made a sanctimonious remark to which Maloney shouted, “I don’t know why you’re so flippant, you’re guilty of stealing expenses the same as all the rest”. Dimbleby shook his finger and shouted at Maloney “If you are going to behave like this when we go on air I will have to tell you to leave.”

Maloney responded by shouting “If you want me to leave David tell me to leave. Don’t talk to me like I’m a piece of shit! You’ve got an angry electorate here and you select only five questions from 150? This is a biased audience which does not represent the lower classes.” “I’m a documentary filmmaker and I investigate Institutional child abuse; the restraining techniques that are killing lower working class kids in Young Offenders Institutions; and paedophile rings in government that are fucking our kids! You don’t like talking about the children do you David?”

Security was then called. As he was led out Maloney turned to the panel shouting, “I’m here about the children, not about the economy. I’ve got more bollocks than all of you! Shame on you!” Maloney’s wife continued by shouting “Everyone in this audience should google Hollie Greig G.R.E.I.G and realise that the government does nothing!” The security guards didn’t lay a finger on Maloney as he was led out by the Producer – in fact the security guards looked like they wanted to pat him on the back!

Maloney submitted two questions to the show which were not selected, one on the issue of crime:

1. Considering the government has given £840 billion to bail out the banks, how much have they spent on getting 3.5 million children out of poverty? Give the £3.4 billion promised to get children out of poverty which ‘breeds’ crime.

The second was on the issue of institutional child abuse:

2. Considering it cost Australian taxpayers 200 million dollars for the Popes visit there in 2008, how much is the government spending on the Pope’s visit to the UK? And should we allow the Pope, whose Vatican City has the lowest age of sexual consent in Europe of only 12 years, into the country at all?

All Maloney wanted was his questions answered, as no politicians are willing to discuss these issues.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Bill Maloney Please contact

Maria Maloney Tel: 07710 416470 or email:”

Jesse Ventura on Larry King Show

December 1, 2009

The President Who Told the Truth

November 23, 2009

“Unlike many of his predecessors and virtually all his successors, Kennedy strove to tell the truth, which may have been contributory factor in his assassination”

Syndrome of Control- Testimony of Jonathan May, Presented by Lyndsey Williams

October 24, 2009

Here is an excellent presentation by Lyndsey Williams, who gives a stunning insight into Jonathan May’s story.

Part 1

Summary of Part 1:

Jonathan May, a UK citizen who worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in England, attempted to take on the Internationalists in the 1980’s by setting up a “worldwide federal reserve” with the help of Arab sources, in order to help save certain nations from the the power elite. The power elite control both the purse strings and governments across the globe through control of their finances. From his sources in the Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, Jonathan May discovered what the internationalists intended to do worldwide. Jonathan May’s testimony reveals the power elite’s gameplan for global takeover.

Jonathan May persuaded the Arabs to invest in his planned worldwide Federal Reserve System to counteract the internationalists. This new system was to be backed by real assets such as land, minerals, oil, coal, raw materials, timber etc. At the point where the Arabs were to deliver the funds to set this up, Internationalists in England found out about it and threatened the life of Jonathan May, and would not allow the Arabs to transfer their money into England to start the process. Jonathan May then came to America, but the same group that had influence & control the UK also control America, and in August 1986 Jonthan May was arrested and put in federal prison in Minnesota on erroneous charges.

Who are the power elite?

13 families have control of the central banks of the “hard currency” countries. (“Hard currency” where those currencies are that are not allowed to fluctuate). These familes have control of the policy and decison making of central banks of those countries.

These private banks are the real owners of the US Federal Reserve, which controls the money supply, interest rates,the general economy, and thus the lifestyles of every citizen. They manipulate gold prices, they control the hard currencies, and they also control the banks of the leading nations of the world … these are private banking families such as :

1) Rothschilds of London and Berlin
2) Israel Moses Seaf of Italy
3) Kuhn Loeb& Co. of Germany and New York
4)Lazare Brothers of Paris
5) Warburg & Co. of Hamburg, Germany
6) Lehman Brothers of New York
7) Goldman Sachs of New York
8) Rockefeller Brothers of New York

These banks practice fractional reserve banking, which allows the central banks to permit the prime banks (who’s owners and controllers are the same people as the central banks) to loan out 26 units of currency for every one unit of currency the have in deposit.

Part 2

Summary of Part 2:

Back in the mid seventies, the final stage of “Project 2000” was implemented by the internationalists. “Project 2000” was the Global creditors unilateral totalitarian plan.
A pentagon offical and three US Government officials visted the Prime Minister of Nigeria. They gave the Nigerians $50 millon to “double the price of crude light oil“.

Why? Nigeria is one of only two nations in the world that has light crude. Light crude is the most valuable oil in the world as it needs little refining. All other oil is priced in accordance with the price of light crude. So, whoever controls the price of light crude controls the price of all other oil.

At the same time, Bush Snr and other members of the Trilateral Comission were in the middle east, persuading the middle east nations (and the UK) to consolidate OPEC. The deal cut with the middle east oil countries was that “oil buyers” would pay significantly more for oil provided that the Arabs would support America by investing their increased revenues in the big banks in America.

30 or 40 years pror to this, International Bankers had persuaded the Arabs to allow them to finance oil production by provision of oil supply systems and refineries. They charged the Arabs ‘Usery‘, which the Arabs paid back (since they became so wealthy so quickly). Back in those days, gasoline was cheap. But in the 1980’s, the internationalists went to Nigeria and doubled the price of light crude. They then told the Arabs to invest a portion of the funds they receive from the new oil price increase into the international banks in New York. These deposits woud be in the form of “30 year time certificates”. The Arabs, knowing little about international finance, accepted the deal.

Thisis why the price of oil skyrocketed in 1971-1974. The international bankers knew, that the increase in revenue from oil that was going to the Arabs, would come right back to their banks in 30 year time certificate deposits.

The Arabs did not know that the international bankers were taking them, they did not know until the early 1980’s that the controlling intersts of the prime banks were also the controlling interests of the major oil companies.

The Rockefellers set up the “Joint Stock Trust” in 1870, three years before the US Government declared Joint Stock Trusts illegal in 1873. It is this entity (joint stock trust) that ultimately controls the prime banks and the Federal Reserve Board. It is under the Joint Stock Trust that the international bankers in New York are allowed to operate, under a grandfather agreement that permits them to continue, whereas other banks are not allowed to operate under this mechanism since it is now illegal. This is why banks such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are howing record profits, while most other banks are broke.

Part 3

Summary of Part 3:

The Joint Stocks Trust is in control of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Federal Reserve, and therefore controls the US currency. The deal cut with the Arabs was that they should put their money into the prime banks. The Arabs did not know that the prime banks would practice fractional reserve banking with their money. These banks would lend out the Arabs money at 20 to 1 , wheras the Arabs would only receive interest on their “30 year time deposits”. The banks effectively had control of the wealth of the middle east.

What did the bankers do with the Arabs funds? They invested them in third world country loans. These third world countries are broke today even though the banks invested in them 15-20 years ago. The banks wanted those countries to go broke, knowing and relying on the greed and mishandling of the loans by third world nations . Most of these countries being former colonial countries who were just gaining independance, with no or little experience in government – it was inevitable that the loans were squandered.

In 1981, Jonathan May met the Hunt Brothers of Texas, and the Texas Governor John Connolly . The Hunt Brothers were multibillionaire oil barons. They were trying to secretely start off a new currency for Texas, independant of the Federal Reserve. Since Texas is only part of the American Union by “Treaty“, meaning that they could leave the union if they decided not to renew the treaty (Texas is not a state by vote, it is a state by treaty). Connolly was in the limousine with JFK when he was shot, and managed to escape the same fate by lying on the floor of the car, & the Hunt Brothers are bankrupt today – bankrupted by the internationalists. Connolly and the Hunt Brothers were prevented from setting Texas up as a separate country wth its own currency by the internationalists. The Hunt Brothers were attempting to dominate the silver market, in order to start to achieve this and overcome the international bankers.
The Hunts were in partnerhip with the Shah of Iran, and a German banker and an Austrian Banker. The the Hunts were buying silver using one man on the floor of all the exchanges, & the Federal Reserve got to hear about it. The German banker was murdered. The Shah of Iran was deposed. The Austrian banker was badly beaten up and ended up in a mental institution. The Hunts are virtually bankrupt. The Shah was brought to the US and held in protective custody , where he was “treated”. He was perfectly healthy when he left Iran, but “they made sure that he died”….

Congressman George Hansen wanted to investigate what was happening in Iran, but congress would not let him go to Iran. So he went to Iran anyway, buying his own ticket, and when he got there, the Khomeini gave him an audience. The Khomeini said to Congressman Hansen, that he could take back one half of the hostages in Iran (Iran Hostage Crisis), provided that an investigation is started into the relationship between the Shah of Iran, Chase Manhattan Bank, Henry Kissinger and President Carter. Congressman Hansen was told by congress to get on the next plane home, and not to bring any hostages back with him.

Part 4

Summary of Part 4

When congressman Hansen returned to the US, he found out that President Carter knew that the hostages were going to be taken, and why. The release of the hostages was not negotiated by the state department of the USA. The release of the Iran hostages was negotiated by a negotiator of Chase Manhatten Bank in New York. The hostages were held captive while the bankers got the Shah’s money in their banks before he was killed.

In 1983 , Jonathan May became aware of a group of two bank holding companies. One of these holding companies was used to hold the Arab’s money, and this holding company then loaned the money to third world countries. The creation of these holding companies meant that the internationalists could not be held responsible for what happens to the Arabs’ money. Knowing that these third world companies would squander the loans and go broke. The second holding company was used to purchase agricultural land and other banks and certain US corporations, which continued to make money.

The general public’s own money – which pays for gasline at the pump, goes to the Arabs, who send it to the international banks in NY, who send it to the bank holding companies, which purchase the regular banks in the US (which are going under today). So they get the money to do these things- it’s our own money, through gas prices.

Part 5

Summary of Part 5

Part 6

Summary of Part 6

Part 7

Summary of Part 7

Also, here, is some more information on Jonathan May, plus his scripted evidence.

Jonathan May attempted to free us from the shackles of the Federal Reserve by creating an alternate banking system with instruments backed by land, raw materials, mineral deposits, oil, coal, timber, and other wilderness holdings. Jonathan aided Governor Connolly and the Hunt brothers in their effort to corner the silver market. The silver would have been used to create a “Bank of Texas” issue of “real money”. This would have destroyed the Federal Reserve had the Hunts been successful. When the world bankers realized what was happening, they destroyed Connolly, the Hunt Brothers, Jonathan May, and Texas.

The Federal Reserve entrapped Mr. May by intentionally routing his credit instruments through the Federal Reserve, against the terms clearly stated upon those instruments, instead of through Mr. May’s alternate system. Jonathan May was illegally arrested, illegally tried, and illegally imprisoned in the Federal prison at Terre Haute, Indiana. The world power structure has stolen Mr. May’s idea, which will be used as the banking system of the New World Order and is known as the World Conservation Bank. Jonathan has served four years of a fifteen-year sentence.

Telling Time: July 27, 1990

Jonathan May Tells the Secrets of World Bankers

One Mainframe to Rule Them All

October 16, 2009

Anyone for a chip ?
Interesting facts:
IBM – provided Germany’s racial census in WWII
IBM-  calculated the weather for the Allies’ Normandy invasion, and at the same time also calculated the strength of the German defences for the German high command!
IBM- organised all of the evidence for the Nuremberg trials



Committee 300

October 15, 2009

Is this the power structure of the modern world?


I got this from a post over at the TPUC website.

Who’s who – the List

“Issues are Created and Decided By :

The Committee of 300, Royal Families, Top Illuminati Members, the Nine Unknown Men (Masonry), Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Decisions Given for Execution To:

The Royal Institute for International Affaris: consisting of key members connected by bloodlines and oligarchic family ties. Every major city in the West is controlled by this simple but effective method.

Research is Carried Out By :

Universities, Foundations, Think Tanks, Institutes: e.g., Hudson, MIT, Stanford, IPS, Business Round Table, Milner Group, The American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Brookings, Population Council, RAND Institute.

Orders Executed By :

Level 1 Planning Groups: Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Cini Foundation, National Security Council, Club of Rome, Morgan Bank (U.S.) Operations Coordination Board backed up by Interfaced Corporations, Banks, Insurance Companies.

Decisions and assassination orders carried out by:

Intelligence Agencies, NSA, MI6, CIA, FBI counter intelligence (Division 5), Note: CIA and MI6 elicit covert support from France (DGSE), Israel (Mossad), Australia (ASIO), Canada (SIS), Egypt (Mukhabaral el-Am), Japan (Naicho-Cabinet Research Office)”

The Pursuit of True Liberty

October 14, 2009

Funnily enough, I have always considered 9-5 working life as “Voluntary Slavery”. This guy says it all !

The Pursuit of Liberty