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What would the UK Renewables Obligation Pay For?

December 1, 2009

An interesting statement from a friend of mine, worth saving and relevant to the disproportionate attention given to climate change, given the other woes on this planet being ignored:

The UK Renewables Obligation is supposedly gonna cost us £30bn to put up solar panels and wind turbines.

Oral rehydration salts are, for simplicity’s sake, 10p. Malaria nets are ~£10. So, for that £30bn you could provide nets and ORS to every child on the planet, and replace every light residential bulb in the UK with low-energy ones, and still have money left over for insulation.


Ranking Global Warming According to Present Day Risks to Health

November 9, 2009

Wattsupwiththat – Is Climate Change the Defining Challenge of Our Age ?

Risk factor Ranking Mortality (millions) Mortality (%)
Blood pressure 1 7.1 12.8
Cholesterol 2 4.4 7.9
Underweight (hunger) 3 3.7 6.7
Low fruit & vegetables 4 2.7 4.9
Overweight 5 2.6 4.6
Unsafe water, poor sanitation 6 1.7 3.1
Indoor smoke 7 1.6 2.9
Malaria 1.1 2.0
Iron deficiency 8 0.8 1.5
Urban air pollution 9 0.8 1.4
Zinc deficiency 10 0.8 1.4
Vitamin A deficiency 11 0.8 1.4
Lead exposure 12 0.2 0.4
Climate change 13 0.2 0.3
Subtotal 27.6 49.4
TOTAL from all causes 55.8 100.0

Priority ranking of food, nutritional and environmental problems, based on global mortality for 2000. Source: I.M. Goklany, Is Climate Change the “Defining Challenge of Our Age”? Energy & Environment 20(3): 279-302 (2009), based on data from the World Health Organization. Note that malaria isn’t ranked in this table because deaths due to malaria were attributed by WHO to climate change, underweight, and zinc and vitamin A deficiencies.

Climate Resistance – Climate Science and Scepticism

November 9, 2009

Of particular note, onwards from about 8 mins into the presentation, a fantastic debunking of the myth that climate change is “the greatest challenge of our time” – in terms of attributable deaths to climate change – it ranks 18th, near the bottom of the rankings on a par with “lead exposure”

“Ben (C-R editor) gave a presentation at York University last week, in a debate organised by the Freedom Association, alongside Professor David Bellamy and Richard S. Courtney, and opposite Stephen Hockman QC (who intends to establish an international climate change court), Simon Bowens from Friends of the Earth, and a couple of environmental science students.

Ben argues that the debate about the science divides on many axes, and predominantly following claims made about the consequences of climate change.”

Climate Science and Scepticism