Doug Hoffman – Why I am a Global Warming Sceptic

A nice little essay from the Resilient Earth

Wy I am a Global Warming Sceptic

Consider the following main points:

* Climate is a nonlinear system.
* Not all feedback relationships are known or well characterized.
* Based on known empirical evidence a doubling of atmospheric CO2 levels will only cause a further increase of 0.2 to 0.5°C in global temperature.
* In order to achieve the temperature levels predicted by the IPCC requires amplifying positive feedback from the climate system.
* There is no compelling proof that Earth’s climate system acts as a temperature change amplifier.
* Not all known factors are included in climate models.
* Models cannot predict nonlinear responses not built into them.
* Baseline data used to calibrate the models are uncertain and possibly erroneous.
* Different climate models predict different future outcomes because they make different assumption or use different values for model parameters.
* All climate models contain errors that are fundamental to their construction.


One Response to “Doug Hoffman – Why I am a Global Warming Sceptic”

  1. rogerthesurf Says:

    Great Blog,

    I follow your incisive comments with pleasure.

    I just wonder if you are interested in my new blog.

    Have you ever started up a discussion by way of comment on their blog, with a Global Warming Supporter and found that as soon as you politely but authoritavely disagree with him or her, instead of giving you a reasoned, scientific answer, hopefully with relevant references, the owner of the blog simply spams your comments?

    I am finding this is a typical cop out by people who have this “faith” in the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis.

    This is because they cannot answer your comment as it is very likely there is no answer compatible with their beliefs.
    Furthermore, because they have this misplaced “faith” it is understandably very difficult to admit that there are questions that need to be answered before we commit to cataclysmic economic measures to try and meet the IPCC emission reduction requirements.

    My new blog at gives you a chance to have your spammed comment published.

    Simply copy and paste all the details of the conversation into a comment on the site, in the same manner as previous examples that are there and I will make sure your full conversation is published. This of course means one needs a little fore thought when commenting.
    Also feel free to leave a comment about any page or the site in general. All such comments are posted unless they are obscene, name calling or abusive.



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