Gulf Stream, Global Warming and European Ice Age

Another thing which I found really interesting recently— a paper that strongly challenges the global warming claim that “global warming could trigger a collapse in temperatures across western Europe due to collapse of the Gulf Stream etc”
The main source of Europe’s mild climate is not the Gulf Stream as previously thought. The pacific ocean’s version of the gulf stream, the “Kuroshio current” does not reach as far as the northern latitiudes of Washington and British Columbia in north-west America. Yet the climate there is mild compared to similar latitudes in east asia on the west side of the pacific such as Vladivostok. So something other than the pacific gulf stream is keeping these latitidues in north america milder. It turns out the warmer climates on the east side of the atlantic and pacific are due to heat transfer from prevailing winds off the ocean, rather than the ocean currents themselves bringing in warm water ..This means we are not going to crash into an ice-age due to breakdown of the atlantic conveyor …

Paper by Seager from the Royal Meteorological Society

and popular and more reader friendly version of the above here:

The only thing I could think of that isn’t mentioned is the effect of the Jet Stream.


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