The Origins of the EU- 1942 Germany

Here is an interesting document from Nazi Germany :

Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft

Nazi Blueprint for a United Europe – Berlin 1942

This is the original blueprint for the European Economic Community. They were talking about one Europe, one currency, one transport system…and more importantly, the UK was to be “de-industrialised“, and used for a limited amount of agriculture and tourism. The plan was to strip out anything that put the “Great” into “Great Britain”. If you go through the document, most of the things that the Nazi’s had planned for the UK have already happened.


One Response to “The Origins of the EU- 1942 Germany”

  1. rex tyler Says:

    Great Britain
    it just makes the teeth grate
    that’s if you ask me
    already we are as a Nation
    f—ed industrially
    half of Europe
    owns the best utilities
    and appears
    to be going around in circles
    goose stepping
    yes my dears

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