Bank of England

Another article from the UK Column which explains the situation regarding The Bank of England……quite nicely:

Bank of England, Sterling and Government Treason

While we are here, it’s probably worth putting this one up aswell : exactly who are the Bank of England’s customers? No-one seems to know.

Some snippets:

“So if we add this all together, we have a nationally owned institution which has the monopoly in the production of the national currency, and has independent control of the country’s monetary policy in the hands of a Court of Directors who serve the private banking system as they have since the Bank was established.

Think about it – private banking control of our currency and monetary policy, fully independent of government. When Gordon Brown signed away government oversight of the Bank, he committed Treason on a scale not seen in Britain since the Heath government took us into what would become the EU.

Since 1998 we have seen the Bank rapidly inflate the money supply, while at the same time relaxing regulation on how banks could lend. No longer were banks required to have cash in reserve for loans they made. Instead the vast majority of currency entering the economy did so as a result of commercial banks entering some numbers into a ledger – money out of thin air, literally.

Working for the private bankers, the Bank of England set things up to maximise the returns for their banking colleagues’ speculative activities, in the full knowledge that as a nationalised institution, it would be the UK taxpayer who was carrying all the risk, and not, as would have been the case before 1946, the shareholders.

The Court of Directors is working for the Anglo/Dutch/Saudi empire – the still-alive-and-kicking hidden hand behind the British Empire of the Victorian age. So it’s no surprise that the solution they provide to today’s manufactured monetary financial collapse is to print more money. Their aim is to destroy the last vestiges of British sovereignty; for a hyper-inflated and hyper-devalued Sterling to be replaced by a single, global, currency, under a single world fascist government.”


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